Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bock's Blog: The Stonewall Riots happened 42 years ago today. Let us remember when the fight for our rights first became effective. .

1969 Stonewall Riots, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City

Please turn to Bock's blog to remember why we celebrate today as Gay Liberation Day.


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  1. The Stonewall riots sparked the flame that galvanized the gay community and literally changed the world. Gay marriage exists in this country and in countries around the world because of those riots. These were mostly homeless gay people (i.e. thieves, hustlers, prostitutes) living on the fringe of society who had been cast out by their families and society. Today we reap the rewards of their courage, defiance, and sacrifices. We ALL stand on their shoulders. It's so important that young LGBTQ learn about this pivotal part of our history, so that they understand the struggles and ultimate sacrifices that were made by those who came before them. We must ALWAYS continue to be awed and inspired by these truly brave souls. On behalf of the LGBTQ community, Thank you.


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