Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue Mars Fashion and Styling: The Aaron Shape and Skin

The Hunky Aaron Shape and Skin 

Although I find my Blue Mars avatar Roger (below) very handsome (take a look at this video to see what I am talking about)  I found his body very undeveloped and flabby.

Roger is very cute.....

But skinny and undevelopped
Moxy Waffle has released his Aaron shape, skin, and eyes in his Port Town main store. Aason is quite a developped hunk and has that "if you look at me too long I am going to slap you around" look that I like so much.

Stop staring at me Eddi ---- or else!
One thing cool about Blue Mars fashion and clothing is that  you can try items on to see how they look -- but the new items only stay on when you are a few meters away from the vendor.  It would be great if Second Life were to do this.

I tried on the Aaron shape and skin.  The shape actually came in a skinny "beta" version but I wanted the full muscle boy effect.
You are not looking at my ass are you?

I have to admit I really liked Aaron, and found his abs and belly button most appealing. However, his face left something to be desired. I doubt if I would look at is as much as I enjoy looking at Roger's current shape and skin (btw I could no longer find my current skin and shape on sale, Blue Mars right now is very dormant with limited new development and vendor support, a situation that will last until they get their mobile application profitable enough to fund the rest of this new virtual world). 
Aaron's sideways profile is OK--
 I think Second Life will move to graphics this good when mesh is out, but for now, the more "cartoonish" Second Life look will need to remain until we can get more realism into our avatar builds.
But head on he is no head turner. 

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