Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Tube: The Four Bloggers Dance at Second Pride

Second Pride 2011 was held from May 22 - May 29 2011.

Four bloggers who happened to be covering the event danced together and blogger Eddi Haskell shot this quick video-- note the film quality could be better due to the stability of Second Life at the time on a very busy sim.

The Four Bloggers from Left to Right are:

Naked Carl
Jeff Ellsworth
Eddi Haskell
and Bock McMillan


  1. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahaww, that was totally amazing! ROFL

    Thanks Eddi, I haven´t laughed so much in a long time!

  2. I have already had offers to take our Boy Band - The Four Bloggers - touring in Second Life! Hot huh?

  3. Great idea, but wouldn't we have to start singing?

    I guess we could learn to lip-sync but I KNOW no one will want to listen to me sing...

  4. Love the video Eddi. I agree with all the comments, especially that of Bock, lip-sync for in RL I sing only int the shower where no one else can hear me. smile


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