Monday, May 16, 2011

Second Pride Festival Begins This Sunday May 22

Second Pride is the largest gay event in Second Life, and one of the biggest events grid-wide all year.  Second Pride has wonderful entertainment, great exhibits, great art, and other cool events. You need to go because the event is that good.

For up to date information please see the Second Pride Web Site:

I pulled this from the latest Second Pride Newsletter.  You can find the original copy, which is more legible, here:

I do not have any of the latest information, if you have more up to date information on Second Pride please leave it as a comment here. I will publish more information as I receive it. 

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  1. Thanks. Have my reading for tonight. Just watched the Video "As I AM" and it say a lot. I truly feel everyone is different and that everyone is special. We all have something to give. Love each other for who they are. Keep an open mind and you will learn.


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