Saturday, May 21, 2011

Phoenix Now Works Great -- How I Fixed My Second Life Problems

After several weeks of slow rezzes, crashes, and constant cloud avatar images I fixed my Second Life experience tonight.  The newest Phoenix viewer works like a charm.

Here is how I did it.  I took this advice from the Phoenix Support Pages on how to do a clean reinstall.

Basically, my older viewers were in conflict with each other -- and files were corrupted.

This is what I did:

1. I removed every instance of a Second Life browser in my applications. I had 8, since I experiment with everything out there. I also removed my Hippo viewer for open sims since it resembles Second Life so much.

2. This is more difficult.  I am not sure if it is necessary. I cleared my settings. I then went back and collected my text conversations.  You can read about this in the clean reinstall pages.

3. I logged into Hatton, a quiet sim.  Then I waited for my inventory to repopulated.  Presto, everything worked just fine!

I urge you try this with Phoenix or any other viewer if you have problems.

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  1. I updated my Phoenix the other day. I thought about doing a clean re-install but did not. This is good to know in case I do run into a problem. I debated dong it as a clean install, but did not. Earlier I had problems and then upgraded to a really food graphics card and increased memory. I have two computers and plan to replace the card in this one and will then do a clean install here. Thanks nice to know it works.


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