Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Experience With Excellent Second Life Customer Service

I had superb customer service yesterday in Second Life.

I was being locked out of an account and not allowed to log in because of a credit cared issue -- it expired and I did not change it in time.

Second Life needed to clear up an old balance and told me to call in to resolve the issue.

I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes (granted it was Memorial Day in the United States) and gave up. I hate staying on phone hold.

However, because I am a premium member, I am able to use Live Chat customer support. I should have done this to begin with.

I opened up a live window, and a representative named  DeanT Scout could not have been more polite or helpful in resolving this quickly.  There was no wait. And the matter was resolved.

I know others probably have horror stories with Second Life customer support, but if only my ISP, Comcast, which must be the most miserable company in the world when it comes to this, were are helpful, polite or efficient!

I will publish your story here if you disagree or agree about Second Life -- remember, as long as it does not attack any inworld resident, I will run it. 


  1. I have not had to use Second Life support as of yet. I do hate being put on hold for a long period of time. Good to know that chat support is good and will know to use that when ever I have a problem. Thanks

  2. Remember you have to be a premium member to use this.

  3. I totally agree with you, Eddi!

    The Linden Labs customer support is excellent, the staff is caring and supportive.

    Even at a point in my life when I was just desperate and only half-coherent and thought I was going to loose much of was dear to me in SecondLife, I got the kind and respectful service from the Lindens involved. In my case it was Belinda Linden (who left the lab with the cut-backs last year) and Keira Linden.

    As my issue was first and foremost a legal matter the paperwork took some time, which to me at the time seemed like an eternity. I now fully understand that my issue was actually resolved in the speediest possible way and with the utmost care and respect for me from the Lindens.


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