Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kral Myrtle's Housewarming Party on Saturday Afternoon

I went to Kral Myrtle's houswarming party at Jungleboys this afternoon - be built a nice skybox and I took these photos of the event. Hot Ryan Tuni was DJ.


  1. Great photos as usual. Have a lot learn. Such as sky box. Heard of it but do not know what it is. Not sure how long it will take to understand SL. One day hope to own a place in SL. Keep up the interesting blogs.

  2. Hi Carl,

    a skybox is sort of a house up in the sky above your lot on the ground. It's above the SIM, so doesn't have too much probs with lag - and a lot more privacy as it is difficult to stumble unawares on it ;-)

    Two things are absolute prerequisite if you build one: the ability to fly high - and to remember to make the ground floor phantom. I forgot that with some of my megaprims - and crashed them all down on jb SIM lol

    Please anybody - correct me if i'm wrong [giggles]


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