Monday, May 23, 2011

Help Aqua Lounge

The is a message from  Sascha Laval, Flad Dagostino & Sasch Petrov that appeared in the Gay Archipelago Blog today:

Dear Friends
We need your help. So please read this post, tell your friends and help us!
The Gay Zone Estate is a community with many people enjoying it, some clubs, shops and for many people these Sims are a home in second life. We are not just friends, we are a family. We went through a lot of good times in the last 4 years. We had fun, made friends and some of us found their RL-Partner at one of our sims too. If one of our friends got problems we also helped each other. Don't you think this is a good thing?

Now one of our friends has huge problems in RL and SL, and we want to help him... we also need the help from everyone.
We are talking about InsyX Piranha. Many of you know him. He's a famous and great DJ in second life, he has one of the oldest and very successfull gay club in second life: The Aqua Lounge. InsyX is a wonderful person. We all love him. He also helped us out whenever we needed him. Now he needs our help!
InsyX has some very hard financial problems in RL and he can't pay the tier for the land of his club Aqua Lounge any longer. We all don't want to lose this club. We had so much fun with it, we enjoyed all the great parties and found many friends there.
That's why we thought about how to help him:
On June 4th (Saturday) we plan a huge benefit event at the Aqua Lounge to collect money forAqua Lounge and to show InsyX how much we love and need him. It will be an eight hour event with great DJ's and a lot of fun. We also collect money before the event too.

We created an account to bring the money together at one place and to pay the tier for Aqua Lounge.
If you want to donate some money please tip one of the donation boxes or send your money to HelpAquaLounge Resident. Here you can find Aqua Help Kiosks @ Wayfarer Island - @ Gay Archipelago sim

If you have some more ideas how to help InsyX or you have questions please contact Sasch Petrov.
Please spread this news around and tell your friends. It's time to save a known and wonderful place and a great friend in Second Life.
Best regards

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