Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gorgeous Second Life Destination: The Gay Riviera

The Gay Riviera is a gorgeous destination, well worth a visit for the stores, galleries, art exhibits, architecture, and the hot Adonis bath house which I have heard about but not visited. It is very evocative of the South of France and is up there in the running for the most stylish place in Second Life. 

I took these photos from this location:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gay%20Riviera/148/113/23

For more information, the web site can be found here:  http://thegayriviera.com/

The events page is here:  http://thegayriviera.com/events/

Well worth a visit. 


  1. The French Riviera has been a RL dream of getting to visit. Thanks for now the colest to the real think will be the Gay Riviera which I will sure check out.

  2. Yeah but watch it Carl. The move overweight and hairier the Eurotrash the tinier the bikini. I don't know why they let their females dress this way on the Cote de Azur!


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