Sunday, May 22, 2011

Architectural Masterpiece New York Public Library 100 Years Old on Monday

New York Public Library on its opening day

The huge and iconic New York Public Library was opened 100 years ago today by President William Howard Taft (who is remembered as a dishonest Republican president from Ohio). It is one of the most famous and recognized buildings in the United States.

famous lions guard the entrance to the library

The library is one of the four greatest beaux-art (classical) styled  buildings built in the City of New York at the time, the other three being-

Central Reading Room of the Library 

To see other examples of  beaux-art architecture in New York look here:

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  1. Beautiful photos. It would be so grand to visit these places in person. I should be in bed, but plan to check out the links in this post. Have a great week.


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