Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second Life Photo of the Day: Portraits of Androzz Resident

Bock McMillan Wins The 2011 Folsom Pride Fetish Contest

Our favorite Swedish leather-boy blogger took the first prize of 2,000 Linden. See the other hot photos from Folsom Pride over at Bock's blog.


Gorgeous Second Life Destination: The Gay Riviera

The Gay Riviera is a gorgeous destination, well worth a visit for the stores, galleries, art exhibits, architecture, and the hot Adonis bath house which I have heard about but not visited. It is very evocative of the South of France and is up there in the running for the most stylish place in Second Life. 

I took these photos from this location:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gay%20Riviera/148/113/23

For more information, the web site can be found here:  http://thegayriviera.com/

The events page is here:  http://thegayriviera.com/events/

Well worth a visit. 

My Experience With Excellent Second Life Customer Service

I had superb customer service yesterday in Second Life.

I was being locked out of an account and not allowed to log in because of a credit cared issue -- it expired and I did not change it in time.

Second Life needed to clear up an old balance and told me to call in to resolve the issue.

I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes (granted it was Memorial Day in the United States) and gave up. I hate staying on phone hold.

However, because I am a premium member, I am able to use Live Chat customer support. I should have done this to begin with.

I opened up a live window, and a representative named  DeanT Scout could not have been more polite or helpful in resolving this quickly.  There was no wait. And the matter was resolved.

I know others probably have horror stories with Second Life customer support, but if only my ISP, Comcast, which must be the most miserable company in the world when it comes to this, were are helpful, polite or efficient!

I will publish your story here if you disagree or agree about Second Life -- remember, as long as it does not attack any inworld resident, I will run it. 

Second Life Photo of the Day: Jago Constantine

Monday, May 30, 2011

Scene Around the Scene - Shedwick Hermit

Seen around the scene at Lev's Drive-In at Jungleboys.

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For Someone Very Special

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Latin Televsion Idol William Levy

30 - year old television  actor and model William Levy is a Latin Idol, and if a poll was taken, would probably by considered the best looking native Spanish speaking male alive by 400 million native Spanish speakers around the world. He is incredibly handsome. 

William was born in Cuba and migrated to Miami when he was 14. He attended high school, after which he studied business administration on a baseball scholarship.  Levy then studied acting in Los Angeles and continued his acting studies in  in Miami and Mexico City.  At some point in his acting studies he became a top underwear model and has since rarely been photographed with his shirt on. 

William has appeared in numerous Spanish language television soaps and dramas and stars in Mexico's popular Mujeres Asesinas.  His first role in the Mexican soap opera (novella) Cuidado Con El Ángel (Be Careful of The Angel) boosted nightly audiences to an astonishing 45.7 million viewers. He is now scheduled to appear in several Spanish-language movies, and is planning a crossover to the English speaking market. 

William appears in  Jennifer Lopez's love interest in her music video I'm Into You, released on May 2.  I show this as the last video here. 

For more photos of William:  https://picasaweb.google.com/eddie.thebeaver/WilliamLevy#

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

A television clip featuring William in hot underwear.

William in the new Jennifer Lopez video.

The Men of Second Pride 2011 - A Poster by Eddi Haskell

Based on the portrait photography I did at Pride this week. 

Seen around Second Pride - David Kepferwasser

Seen around Second Pride on Sunday night.

Seen Around Second Pride: Skyler Korhonen

Seen around Second Pride on Sunday.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seen around Second Pride - Eddi Haskell and Jago Constantine

You Tube: The Four Bloggers Dance at Second Pride

Second Pride 2011 was held from May 22 - May 29 2011.

Four bloggers who happened to be covering the event danced together and blogger Eddi Haskell shot this quick video-- note the film quality could be better due to the stability of Second Life at the time on a very busy sim.

The Four Bloggers from Left to Right are:

Naked Carl
Jeff Ellsworth
Eddi Haskell
and Bock McMillan

How Satisfied Are You With Second Pride? Please Take The Satisfaction Survey

How satisfied were you with Second Pride this year?  Would you like to help with next year's and other Pride events?  Please take the satisfaction survey.

Ryce Skytower at Second Pride

Ryce photographed by DJ InsyX

These photographs were taken of Ryce Skytower at Second Pride by my fellow bloggers.  It is always interesting to see how you (or your alt in the case of Ryce) looks through the lenses of others.  I lightened and trimned the original images a bit.

Ryce photographed by Jeff Ellsworth 1

Ryce photographed by Jeff Ellsworth 2

Seen around Second Pride - MikeAdam Resident

Fetish Pride

Seen around Second Pride - Sven Sharktooth

Second Pride on Saturday Evening