Friday, April 29, 2011

You Tube: Beltane Blessing- Another Celestial Elf Masterpiece

Celestial Elf, my favorite Second Life machinima artist has another gorgeous video up to celebrate Beltane, the Gaelic name for the festival which begins tonight. I love the mood he sets with the rich blue sky - indicating long lush evening lie ahead for the next two months.  If you have never been to Scotland, the evenings this time of year here are something to be remembered. Here is the introduction to what Celestial Elf writes about the video:

"Beltane or Beltaine is the Gaelic name for the festival that rightly begins on April the 30th or Beltanes eve and continues on first day of May, May Day.  Marking the beginning of the summer season the lighting of two great bonfires on Beltaine's eve. Significantly, as the Goddess (Brigid) moves through her various phases, Beltane sees the womanly aspect of the Summer Goddess banish the Old Crone aspect of the Winter Goddess in readiness for the maternal time and the fruits of nature to follow.

As this is one of the magic turning points of the Sacred Seasons, the veil between worlds is thought to be especially thin, and as a result many of the Fairy Host, the Sidhe and the Tuatha De Danann may be seen crossing between the worlds. The Faerie Queen travels about on this night, if you gaze too long on her enchanted beauty she may whisk you away to live in her Other realms for an eternity. The Faerie Queen also represents the May Queen, although in practice the honor is usually carried out by young women who are soon to be married."

To read more, link here to You Tube:

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