Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Alley: Proving Low Prim Builds can be Amazingly Realistic

Musician Mog Munster (above) has built an amazing low-prim build in a small space  (1024 m2, 234 prims that has to be seen to be believed- Rainy Alley.  At first glance, it seems like something at least 8 times larger due primarily to some very effective textures. is a visualization of an urban rainy alley (it is coming down buckets there so bring your outerwear) that reminds me of someplace in New York in the 1930's --  perhaps on 6th Avenue in the 50's before all the post war modern skyscrapers went up.

There is an small cozy art gallery (last image) that you can visit to escape from the rain.

I took these photographs using a foggy setting -- midnight also works well.

Here is the SLURL if you want to visit.  The space is non-commerical:

Mog sells a line of electric guitars.  You can find them here:

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