Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate is Gorgeous

Although I normally do not get into wedding dresses (no comments please) I have to admit that Kate (excuse me HRH The Duchess of Cambridge) was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen this morning. Yes, I did stay up for the wedding -- remember I am a British citizen.

When she walked out of that carriage in a dress that was tasteful and not overdone, I was floored -- what a gorgeous babe.  The Royal Wedding had to be the best spectacle I have ever seen.  One thing about the British -- they can do pomp and circumstance like no one else!

Oh yeah, William and Harry looked handsome as hell in their uniforms, but Kate stole the day by far!


  1. Like you I am not into wedding dresses. For some reason I could not sleep and I as up at 3:30 and I turned on the TV. I was hung for I am a news freak and this is news. I am so glad I did. It was the most beautiful event I have ever witnessed. Seeing her step out of the car took my breath away. I could not keep my eyes off him and her. I feel that I have had a real interest in the two boys sense I got an attachment for them at Diana's death.

    I am glad I was alone when I watched it. My eyes teared up and I would sort of do a uncontrollable sigh from time to time.

    I watched from a beautiful spot. There is a large window in my den, beside the TV. The sun rise took place here at the time the wedding started. A morning I will truly remember. Nothing more beautiful than a smile. Hers was very beautiful. Love smile and eyes. They say so mush.

  2. Also loved the music player and music from the wedding. You do a fantastic job.


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