Monday, April 4, 2011

I moved houses in Real Life today -- And will have more time for Second Life

Jago Holding Me in the Swamp

I moved houses in Real Life today --- not far, maybe 5 miles away in Florida from where I have been living -- which explains my absence in Second Life over the past two weeks.  I have been on to see Jago of course,  but have not been on that much to hang with my friends other than Saturday and an occasional weeknight.

It was a complicated move -- the hardest thing being going through and deciding what to give to the local charity thrift shop, what to store at Uncle Bob's storage (a national chain great to work with), , what to move, and what to throw out. Muscles are aching me that I have not used in a while, and the endorphin rush actually feels good -- after hurting from "the burn"  like all hell earlier in the day.

So hope to see you soon in Second Life!

all the best, Eddi

My new garage looks just like this

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