Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Loves a Barbecue!

Everyone loves a barbecue!  And they are especially popular in Australia, where "firing up the Barbie" is an event that the entire family looks forward to, especially in  Queensland where Jago is from.

(from left:  Guido, Boris, Betsy, Godiva, Skippy, Simon, and Albert)

We held a barbie for the family, and the critters all got really excited! They were salivating over the delicious risoles and snags that Jago was preparing!

Boy, they can't control themselves!

Daddy Jago makes sure they don't get too close to the flames!

Should we tell Skippy that Jago is cooking "Roo", one of his favourite barbie dinners?  Skippy might freak out and we don't want that to happen!


  1. Love this story and photos. Keep up the good work. I truly look forward to checking your blog. Thanks

  2. How many bloody doggies do you have lol

  3. How many bloody dogs do you have lol...
    I love them!


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