Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Beach City Redevelopment

Although the virtual world of  Blue Mars announced in January that it was suspending development of its PC Platform in favor of mobile applications, its current actions appear not to be the case.  Blue Mars continues to improve and grow.

The current redevelopment of Beach City,  modeled after Honolulu Hawaii, is a case in point. Some very interesting bullds have gone up.  My avatar, Roger, is standing in front of a very nice moder golfing club house that can easily be an upscale home.

This realistic looking pyramid is set to be a clothing boutique.  Roger in standing in the lobby of an apartment building in the photo below -- I like the realistic lighting fixture.  You can see Estelle Parnell's new clothing store in the background.

Blue Mars superior graphics still are way ahead of Second Life.  A trip there will help you see that the future Second Life may resemble in terms of realism.

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