Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue Mars: New Business Design Center Shows Emerging Business Potential for Virtual Worlds

The virtual world of Blue Mars continues see updates of some of its more interesting corporate builds. Teesside University (in the United Kingdom) has rebuilt its Onland 3d collaborative space for businesses, opening a sophisticated looking library (above) and a conference space, still under construction, that have to be some of the most innovative virtual structures anywhere in cyberspace.

This automotive pavilion shows some of the most realistic automobiles ever displayed in virtual reality.  I will show images tomorrow of a car that "explodes" into components as part of a three dimensional visualization.

The pavilion above is geared to some gorgeous new bathroom designs and appliances.

My avatar in Blue Mars Roger sits in a virtual conference room wondering when Second Life will partner with some serious corporate content creators to show how a business showcase featuring innovative design can help Second Life upgrade its content at minimum expense to Linden Labs.

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