Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second Life Photo of the Day: Cassarah Sim

This Nordic inspired sim (note the Northern Lights below) is very magical.  I felt the dusk and night settings showed it off best.

I took these photographs from the following location:


Friday, April 29, 2011

Seen around the Scene - VampireLucianLuna Resident

Seen around the scene at Jungleboys.

Ziggy is Back!

Ziggy Starsmith has taken up blogging again!

Ziggy's first article talks about the very handsome Prince Harry at royal wedding today. Make sure to catch my comment.

Welcome back Ziggy!  I am looking forward to linking to your great coverage of the gay scene in Second Life once again!

You Tube: Beltane Blessing- Another Celestial Elf Masterpiece

Celestial Elf, my favorite Second Life machinima artist has another gorgeous video up to celebrate Beltane, the Gaelic name for the festival which begins tonight. I love the mood he sets with the rich blue sky - indicating long lush evening lie ahead for the next two months.  If you have never been to Scotland, the evenings this time of year here are something to be remembered. Here is the introduction to what Celestial Elf writes about the video:

"Beltane or Beltaine is the Gaelic name for the festival that rightly begins on April the 30th or Beltanes eve and continues on first day of May, May Day.  Marking the beginning of the summer season the lighting of two great bonfires on Beltaine's eve. Significantly, as the Goddess (Brigid) moves through her various phases, Beltane sees the womanly aspect of the Summer Goddess banish the Old Crone aspect of the Winter Goddess in readiness for the maternal time and the fruits of nature to follow.

As this is one of the magic turning points of the Sacred Seasons, the veil between worlds is thought to be especially thin, and as a result many of the Fairy Host, the Sidhe and the Tuatha De Danann may be seen crossing between the worlds. The Faerie Queen travels about on this night, if you gaze too long on her enchanted beauty she may whisk you away to live in her Other realms for an eternity. The Faerie Queen also represents the May Queen, although in practice the honor is usually carried out by young women who are soon to be married."

To read more, link here to You Tube:

Link here to Celestial Elf's Blog:

Kate is Gorgeous

Although I normally do not get into wedding dresses (no comments please) I have to admit that Kate (excuse me HRH The Duchess of Cambridge) was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen this morning. Yes, I did stay up for the wedding -- remember I am a British citizen.

When she walked out of that carriage in a dress that was tasteful and not overdone, I was floored -- what a gorgeous babe.  The Royal Wedding had to be the best spectacle I have ever seen.  One thing about the British -- they can do pomp and circumstance like no one else!

Oh yeah, William and Harry looked handsome as hell in their uniforms, but Kate stole the day by far!

Seen around the Scene - Roger India

Seen around the scene at Jungleboys

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scene Around the Scene - Alexander Dartmouth

Seen around the scene at Jungleboys on Wednesday night.

DJ InsyX First Night At Tadd's

DJ InsyX spun at Tadd's for the first time last night.  The place was packed with lots of hot guys dancing to some very good tunes. InsyX will be playing at Tadd's starting at 7 PM Second Life time every Wednesday, - giving clubgoers a weeknight destination to look forward to.

Tadd's is open 6 days a week at 7-9 PM SL Time Monday - Saturday.

SLURL to Tadd's:

Tadd's is open on Sundays for special live music performances and other events.

Hanging at Jungleboys last night

Thats me hanging at Jungleboys last night in the black speeod. Alexander Dartmouth is standing next to me -- I will be showing some photos of him dancing later today. 

Second Life Photo of the day: Scenes from Tableau Sim

Tableau is a wonderful desert Sim with a Surrealistic Frida Kahlo feel to it.  I took these photos using various Windlight settings.

SLURL from where I took these photos:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Dorian Wellesley

Seen around the scene at Tadd's

Tadd's on Tuesday Night

Pkease Take Our Poll -- How Many Nights a Week Do You Go Out in Second Life?

Are you a club hound? Or do you like to keep to yourself?  Please take this week's poll on the top hand side of this web page.

The question:  On average, how many days a week do you to go clubs, outdoor party areas, and similar locations to socialize in Second Life.

The poll expires on Monday, May 2.

Happy Birthday Kyler Belgar

It was Kyler Belgar's birthday on Tuesday, and Tay Lionheart threw a great impromptu party for him at Jungleboys.  Tay and Kyler are a great couple and I would like to wish them all the best.