Monday, February 28, 2011

Second Life Photo of the Day: Portraits of Duke Magneto

Sleezy Tuesdays being tomorrow at Tainted Boys

A new place to go on Tuesday afternoons.  Open at 2:00 PM SL Time

Poll Results: 54% of you think that Second Life will be around for at least 10 more years

The results of this weeks poll which closed today:  February 28, 2011

Respondants: 38 (numbers below do not equal 100 because of rounding)

Question:  When Will Second Life end?

5%   answered  within 1 year.

34%  answered within 5 years.

5%  answered within 10 years.

31% answered that Second Life will last for at least 10 years.

23% answered that Second Life will last forever.

I am surprised that this many people thought Second Life will last for at least 10 years, or will be around forever.
I voted for Second Life being around for at least 10 more years for one reason -- even if Linden Labs announced that Second Life was closing down, someone in the open source community would create a world that we could move to using the same source code.

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Fitness Trainer and Model Nathan Owens

Nathan Owens does not have much up on the web in terms of a biography, but he is a fitness trainer (all these models seem to be)  and a model with superagency Wilhelmina in Los Angeles.


Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 184 lbs

Chest: 40"

Waist: 32"

Shoe: 12.0

For more pictures of Nathan:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks:

Second Life Addicts: Today is International RSI Awareness Day

Today is International RSI, or Repetitive Strain Injury Day, which is no laughing matter to those who have suffered from it like I have -- in my right hand once.

Note:  if your mind is in the gutter, I developed it from poor posture while using a keyboard.

Check Bock Mcillian's Blog for details and to leave comments.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Shawn Lexington

Seen around the seen at Club Envy.

The Gay Riviera Opens Today

Note from Eddi:  This comes rom Baz Ceawlin:

An all day event.. 3 stages, 15 DJ’s.. 10 hours of music from some of
SL’s Top DJ’s… see the event schedule at

Come celebrate the the official opening of the Gay Riviera, we will be
holding a huge party for you to enjoy while you experince all that the
Riviera has to offer.

Spend the day and get giveaways from the merchant sponosors, or watch
remotely via telecast by X10 Webstar at

The Gay Riviera, loosely designed in the style of a European Riviera,
is an adult sim and intended to be a place to hang out. Located in
the heart of the Gay Archipelago, the sim is laid out around a central
plaza where sunny afternoons can be spent chatting and sipping
espresso drinks while enjoying the view of surrounding amenities.

Beefcake Stage:

Plaza Stage:

Beach Stage:

You Tube: Ryce Demonstrates the Orakul Virtual Guy AO, and an easy way to produce Machinima

Ryce demonstrates the Orakul Virtual Guy AO -- animation override--  which seems to highlight his blonde personality very well in this You Tube video by Eddi Haskell.

The music is Deborah Harry's (Blondie's) Platinum Blonde, her first big hit.

Here are the programs I used to make this video from NCH Software.  Both programs are very intuitive and very easy to use. Please note that the sound recording quality tends to be poor unless you use a mic.

Note:  These programs really tax your chip set, especially video capture. If you are not running an Intel 5 or 7 chip set, or something similar on a Mac,  use as small a window as possible to record.

Note that I used the free versions, you will be asked to buy the paid version and just keep on declining the offers.

Debut Video Capture (download the free lite version).  It works like a screenscraper or the snipping too (the scissors on the bottom of your screen) if you use windows 7.

Videopad Video Editor:

Club Inferno on Saturday Afternoon

Someone suggested i run this photo of Club Inferno on Saturday afternoon-- I have never been there but it looks like a well designed place from what I can see. 

DJ World Session at Gay Fun World begins at 11 am today

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jungleboys FFF Party Last Night

I went to the FFF party at Jungleboys last night -- the entry party for the weekend -- and took some photos of the hot party goers there.  A great way to start the weekend!

FFF stands for Finally Fu_ king Friday in case you are wondering/

At Aqua Lounge last night with DJ Sasch

I went to Aqua Lounge last night.  DJ Sasch was spinning, and it was BDSM night -  a concept which I have of course heard of  but have never really experienced to any great degree in real life or Second Life.

I remember a leather guy in Zurich picking me up once and slapping me  across the face when we got into his apartment.  I did not expect to be slapped, and I did not like it.   I subsequently decked him afterwards with a hard right cut,  leaving him all confused and sprawled on the floor. So much for the hardcore leather scene for me.

Well anyway, I had a really great time.  Aqua Lounge is owned by my Second Life dad, DJ InsyX, and I always have a great time whenever he is around as a DJ or otherwise.   I asked DJ Insyx a while ago if I could be his Second Life son -- not that serioulsy --  he thought it was a fun idea too.   I then realized he was giving me really good advice, sometimes without realizing it,  always there when I needed to speak with him, and cared about me as a member of his extended Second Life family.  So InsyX is really my Second Life dad right now!

An old friend of mine was at Aqua, DJ Wes Spengler, and it was great to see him.  Four years ago, right when Wes was beginning to become a Second Life legend, he was the DJ at a series of twice-a-month  parties i threw at the beach, which became packed after a short while. I stopped doing these parties when I got heavily involved in the fashion scene in 2007, putting on shows and events, but have great memories of doing these informal parties with Wes.

Ziggy and Kyle were also at Aqua Lounge last night and you can see Ziggy's photos here:

Second Life Photo of the Day: Reese Zoon

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hot Couple of the Day - Gabriel Rosea and Caleb Renard

Seen at Aqua Lounge on Friday Night

Scene Around the Scene - Luis Ceres

Seen around the scene at Jungleboys slave initiation last Friday

Good News on the Gay Rights Front in the United States

Here is some good news on the gay rights front in the United States.

1. Last night, the State Senate of the State of Maryland approved legalized gay marriage by a 25 - 21 margin.  This was a "stealth" vote, and threw the anti-gay equality activists off guard.  It is now being debated in the Maryland State House, and is predicted to pass -- slimly.  The governor is expected to sign the bill, but there will be a petition by the right-wing forces to ask for a popular vote which will stall this coming into law.

If the "Free State" of Maryland passes gay marriage, Maryland will become the first state south of the Mason-Dixon line, the old boundary of the South, to approve gay marriage, and the second largest state in terms of population to do so (after Massachusetts).

My undergrad alma mater is actually the University of Maryland. If you like Gone With the Wind check out my video of the University here:

2. Yesterday, the Obama administration announced that it will no longer defend the anti-LGBT Defense of Marriage Act - known as DOMA-  in the federal courts since it considers the law unconstitutional.   This law makes recognition of same-sex marriages unnecessary from State to State.  One important provision of the law is that any marriage (or divorce) in one of the 50 states had to be recognized by the others.

This came as a surprise move to the anti-LGBT rights forces out there who were stunned by the announcement.

3. The White House has just announced that the next Social Secretary -- the person who does things like decides who gets invited to State Dinners, decides with the first lady what's on the menu, and and plans some appointments for the President will be a gay man, Jeremy Bernard.  This position has usually be filled by a High Society lady in the past. It is not earthshattering news, but interesting in the fact that it really is non-news. Also who better to decide what food coordinates with the new drapes in the East Room where these dinners are held?

2011 looks like it may be a banner year for LGBT rights on the Federal and State levels in the United States.  The right - wing Republicans may try to stop this, but all they will send up doing is delaying the inevitable at full equality for LGBT people at the end.

You Tube: Roger Visits the Snow Globe on Blue Mars

Roger is my avatar in Blue Mars. He visits the Snow Globe, an interactive environment designed by IDIA Lab of Ball State University in Indiana. He ends up at the IDIA virtual art museum at the end of this machinima.

Music: Let it Snow as sung by Dean Marin

For more about IDIA lab visit

An Update is Available

Cartoon from Joe's Blog today. .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Congratulations to Newlyweds Shan Nansen and Seth Cybertar

Handsome Newlyweds Seth Cybertar and Shan Nansen

Congratulations Shan Nansen and Seth Cybertar!  I officiated at the wedding of this wondeful couple last night and want to share these photographs with you.  The wedding started off with a ceremony and reception at Paradise Island and finished up at a party at Tadd's.

Myself as Reverend Eddi and Theron Mexicola, the general manager of Paradise Island, where the wedding took place