Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Tube: My Best Machinima to Date, Roger tours IDIA Labs in Blue Mars

This, in my opinion, is my best machinima to date.  I recorded this in the  virtual world of Blue Mars, which announced it was suspending development last Friday, and emphasizing mobile applications instead.

(note: I do not consider an iPhone application designed to "rate avatars"  a true application of a virtual world).


About this Machinima:

IDIA lab, a division of Ball State University in Indiana U.S.A (famous as the alma mater of David Letterman) . is an advanced visualization lab. They have set up a "city" within the virtual world of Blue Mars to showcase advanced interactive graphics.

Roger, my avatar,  is taking a tour on what appears to be a clear flying platform. The large classical visualization shown in the last half of the machinima  is of of the San Francisco 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition, the site of the current Marina District in San Francisco today (the Palace of Fine Arts is still standing today, but rebuilt in a more permanent form). 

The music is the 60's classic "Up Up and Away otherwise known as Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon" by the Fifth Dimension.

IDIA Labs You Tube Channel:


I have to admit that I am disappointed in the Blue Mars announcement.  I enjoyed improving my machinima, especially since my Blue Mars avatar Roger looks a bit like Tom Cruise in his Top Gun years 25 years ago.

Here are other machinima featuring Tom - Cruise-ish Roger.  Please note -- I am proud of these machinima, so take a look if you like the first one.  However, they are a bit "jumpy" since I need a more powerful laptop

Other Blue Mars Machinima by Eddi Haskell:

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Here are machinima featuring the old non-customized Roger:

Roger Visits Venezia on it's opening day:

Roger Visits the hotel in Beach City on Blue Mars:

Here are some other machinima I like that I have made in Blue Mars:

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