Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Tube: Inspire Space Experience in Second Life by Toxic Menges

Toxic Menges is a great machinima-maker.  I have never heard of the Inspire Space Experience but I certainly want to track it down after watching this video.

Toxic Menges's You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/toxicmenges

Toxic Menges writes the following:

The INSPIRE SPACE Experience aka INSPIRE SPACE Particle Show has been a running entertainment event for the last 3 years inside the virtual world of Second Life®

Various visual artists and musicians have contributed to this captivating event over the years and it has grown from a small simple show to a vast array of visual experiences.

Many of the artists who have taken part in the show have real world experience with music and lighting design. The freedom of Second Life's virtual world technology has enabled Virtual Life Media to push the limits of the definition of a "light show" to undreamed of heights.

The Space Elevators (long time collaborators with Virtual Life Media) created the song Corona and allowed it to be used in this video. The song perfectly captures the movement and feeling of the music typically played during these events.

Please sit back and enjoy a sampling of some of the best moments of the INSPIRE SPACE Experience woven together to bring you closer to this out of this world event. 

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