Friday, January 28, 2011

Poll Results -- Did You Ever Visit Blue Mars?

Here are the poll results asking our readers if they ever visited  the virtual world of Blue Mars. This poll was initiated after the announcement that Blue Mars would suspend development of their pc platform on January 14 and concentrate on mobile applications.

Yes, at least 5 times:  29%
Yes, at least once:    18%

No, but was planning to:  14%  (note: Blue mars is still open

No, computer could not handle graphics:  7%
No, wanted to, but use Mac (Blue Mars has not launched a Mac client):  3%

No, had and have no interest in Blue Mars:  3%

What is Blue Mars?  (respondant not familiar):  3%

Our current poll, asking how big our readers friends list is, closes on January 31, 2011. You can find it on the top right hand side of this web page.

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