Friday, January 21, 2011

Its my Fourth Rez Day tomorrow -- See how I have changed over four years

2007 - Dragonfly
Tomorrow is my fourth rez day!  I am amazed that I have spent this long a time in the Metaverse of Second Life as Eddi.

Although my shape is almost exactly the same as it was when i first rezzed, my skin has changed. I photographed myself wearing my four primary skins for each year -- I change about once every 12 months.   Of all your body items, skins should be the one that you spend the most money on -- and the ones that you need to worry about becoming obsolete.

Changing hair and eyes makes less of an impact.  I have worn Uncle Web designs over the past two years and would love to hear about any other makes and styles you feel look good.

I thought I was pretty hot in my Dragonfly "wet look" skin back in 2007. Now, I look like an oily mannequin in retrospect.

I like my current Redgrave skin, I feel it is the most natural for me and not "overemphasized" as are some other newer skins.

2008 - Envision

2009 - Belleza

2010 - Redgrave

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