Monday, January 24, 2011

Is there life yet for Blue Mars? Latest Developments

Estelle Parnall's store at Beach City in Blue Mars

Is there life yet in the virtual world of Blue Mars?

Can the new change of direction of the company to focus mobile application for the highly competitive iOS market centered on Apple portable devices work?

Despite the announcement of the of the freeze in development, and layoff of almost all of the staff who were assigned to the pc side of the house, of this graphically advanced virtual world on January 14, there may be.

An announcement today reinforced future plans and a commitment to the pc-centric platform (see below)

Estelle Parnall, the fashion mogul, has announced her support of the new strategy and release of new product.  Note, this makes sense -- an avatar-centric mobile application is good for her and other fashion designer business.

Demond Shang announced his continuing support of Caledonia in Blue Mars  last week.

Davy Rocket's stunning new video of his planned transformation of Misty Hollow was a lead.

Moxy's Port Town in Blue Mars
Moxy uploaded new content for his gorgeous Port Down Development last week - after the restructuring announcment.

Wildwood,  is getting a racing system which should be live soon

A new client may be released tomorrow (just announced on Twitter).

My take:

Avatar Reality should have handled the announcement of the change in direction in a more positive manner. The way in which the January 14 announcement was handled could not have been more negative.

The pessimism which I and other bloggers felt on January 14 may have been avoided if more attention were paid to perceptions generated. I am not sure if Blue Mars has a future, and would like to see it succeed. .  Perhaps the strategy of making some money from the mobile app first, and then funding the large-scale virtual world has merit.  But, with all the current announcements,  at least the existing platform should stay busy for a while.

Venezia Center in Blue Mars


Here is what was just sent to me via email from Avatar Reality. I cannot find it up on the official blog yet.

Blue Mars Restructures

Blue Mars to Develop iOS Apps: Details can be found on our Blog.

What Changes?

  • Blue Mars will now be available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Greater exposure and potential increase in member base
  • Tools to customize and share avatars
  • Coming Soon! Blue Mars sales via the iOS apps, reaching a potential of millions of members
  • Free rent to current city developers
What Stays the Same
  • The PC client stays live
  • City devs can still update their cities, and updates will be more streamlined
  • Members may still buy BLU$, rent shops, and lease residences
  • Development and bug fixes will continue, albeit at a more modest pace
  • Event schedule continues

CEO Jim Sink's Address: Read the highlights of Jim's announcement on our blog or see the presentation at this video by Phadrus.

Coming to the Martian Worlds!

  • New Bigger and Better Misty Hollow: Davy is working on a bigger and better Misty Hollow. 
  • Wildwood to Get Racing System: Ynaga has developed a racing system for Wildwood which should be live soon!

New Schedule of Events:

  • Tuesdays 5pm PST: Jamt's Twisted Tuesday event in Misty Hollow
  • Wednesdays 3pm PST: Pierre's Postcards from Around the World in the Welcome Area
  • Thursdays 4pm PST: World Cafe and Trivia in Wildwood
  • Fridays 6pm PST: Questing with Ynaga in Tao Hua Yuan
  • Saturdays 2pm PST: Party with Ilko in the Welcome Area

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