Sunday, January 16, 2011

Horse Craziness-- Meet Jago, the Young Stallion

My buddy  DJ Jared Palianta has been into some Second Life horse business over the past several weeks.  He has many of them, and goes to auctions to look for horses with the right "qualities".  Jared now owns a stud farm with Kelly Boyington and invited me over last night (actually I invited myself over)  to witness the birth of yet another baby horse (in something called a "bundle").  Jared let me pick the name of the fine looking young Stallion, and I picked the name Jago which I thought was quite appropriate.

I know nothing about this horse hobby other than:

1. More and more of my friends seem consumed by this new "hobby".  They are buying many of these, and going to auctions and other events.

Can you hack this for $180,00?

2. According to Jared, some horses have gone for well over $100,000 Linden each in auction if they have the right "qualities" (see numbers above).  Some people are making a huge amount of money. I did point out to Jared that it would be an easy thing for the original scriptor, and even an intelligent hacker to come up with whatever numbers they wanted if horses were going for that much, he too realized what a racket this could be.

3. I wanted to start off on raising some horses on my own, but since Jago and I own six VKC dogs, three kangaroos, two kittens, two AKC horses,  two seagulls, a noisy kookaburra, and a leopard named Freckles with an attitude he said no.  He knows how compulsive I am with owning pets.

Jago (my partner not the horse) said no to more pets. Can you blame him?
Whatever happens with this new Second Life obsession, I want to wish everyone into it the best of luck!  Please leave a comment here if you can can shed some light onto this.

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  1. Firstly the number that you posted above isn't the number that makes the horses so rare, its more the coat of the horse, the eye color and the parents that help a horses sales, you can get a unicorn horse that sell for around a million lindens!

    My partner is obsessed with these horses lol he has almost 100.. unfortunately he got me obsessed also, i only have 5 because i'm trying to get two black horses with red eyes that are siblings so i can mate them for an albino which are very rare also..

    but i think the term hobby is wrong i think its more of an obsession or addiction :)


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