Friday, January 7, 2011

Editorial. Boycott Anit-Gay Chick-Fil-A. And get the word out.

Chick-fil-a is a fast food chain in the United States that has over 1500 locations in 39 States.

I am not sure if anyone who reads this blog actually eats there (many gay people do not look like they can be mistaken for an obese Yellow taxi cab), but if you do eat there, please eat somewhere else.  And please tell your progressive friends to not eat there. The goal is to spread information on the boycott by word of mouth virally. It can happen fast.

Deeply conservative Chick-fil-a is financially supporting, from corporate headquarters, some of the most anti-gay political groups out there in the United States.  I first read about this on Joe's Bog and checked his sources -- the connections are very well documented.

The Family Institute, for example, is one of the major groups opposing legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.  This ad above, in Pennsylvania, seems to have triggered the investigation by major gay rights organizations.  Although Chick-fil-a denied the allegations on Facebook. their external charity arm has now been  implicated in backing some of the most extreme anti-gay organizations operating anywhere.

Chicl-fil-a is getting very nervous.  The pressure is on. They must shut down their anti-gay operations now for the boycott to stop.

Why am I writing this in a Second Life blog?  One blogger cannot make a difference against a three-billion dollar  organization such as Chick-fil-a.  However, one million bloggers can.  I am just doing my part to ensure freedom and equality for LGBT Americans.


  1. Eh, all the more reason not to eat there. I never cared for the taste of their food anyway. The greasy before and after touch and taste of their 'original' sandwhich still haunts my tongue.

  2. I have no idea who they are but if I go on vacation to any place they operate then I will surely not eat there hehe.

  3. chick-fil-a is a christian based company. and as a christian i agree marriage is ment for 1 man and 1 women thats how we were designed 2 men and 2 women can not reproduce. this is my view and i can not speak of chick-fil-a's view. but as a christian i myself am opposed to same sex marriage.


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