Sunday, January 30, 2011

Denise the Crocodile, her son Billy, and no wonder our neighbors find us peculiar

My rez day gift this week from Jago was a crocodile from Vinnie Baxter's  Animania which has lots of cool animated animals.  I decided to name her  Denise. She is very cute, and lurks around our lilly pond at the Marina where we live snapping and swimming around looking for things to eat. She likes to show off her chompers, so we decided to put out a danger sign above.

You can see Morris the kangaroo in the background if you look to the left.

Denise spends much of her time underwater.

She seemed lonely, so we decided to get her a small male companion named Billy and convinced the two of them they were related by birth.  You can see the two of them lurking together in the middle of the page. Jago originally named Billy Denephew (to go along with Denise) but we decided that was to obvious.

The dogs like them, and like to swim and float along with them  Here you can see Godiva swimming in the pond watching them.

This brings our pet count up to 18:

6 VKC dogs
2 Kittens
1 Leopard from Zooby's
3 Kanagaroos
2 Koalas
1 Kookaura
1 Turkey Vulture
2 AKC Horses


  1. good animation like the water effect looks like water steel is my favrite effect blue orange and grey

  2. And I thought I had alot of kids hehe. Nice pics and stuff. Hugs!


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