Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue Mars: Edo, The Original Tokyo. Travel back 200 years in amazing detail.

View down Edo street

Developer Atelier Bitol has built a very detailed reproduction of a section of  the city of Edo, the original Tokyo.  The realism of the build is very accurate, with stunning graphics. Edo served as the capital of Japan from 1603 to 1868, with a population that reached over one million by the early 1700's.

This City is a replica of a section of Edo during that time. Details of the city have been accurately recreated, down to the size of the buildings, fabrics, and other implements.

Blue Mars has several other of these education - type programs in the works.

Overhead Street Detail

Overhead view

Temple Courtyard

Bread Stand

Touch the bread and this image pops up. 

Fabric Store - touch the fabrics for close-up images. 

Detail of Fabric

Detail of Fabric shows cloth detail. 

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