Monday, January 31, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Ram Cyberstar

 Seen around the scene at Erotes on Saturday morning.

Seen around the Scene - Loups Forzane

Seen around the scene at Tadd's on Thursday night.

Real Life Hunk of the Week - Real Estate Broker and Model Sean Sullivan


26-year-old Sean Sullivan hails from San Francisco, where he works as a commercial real estate broker. While the market may be soft, he can rely on his hard body to get him through the tough times by modeling.

For more photographs of Sean:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks:




From Ziggy Starsmith: DJ Night at Tainted Boys

Read all about it DJ night at Tainted Boys on Sunday night over at Ziggy's Blog, including his take on the four DJ's playing and the look of the new club:

Second Life Photo of the Day: Portraits of Aethon Skywalker

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Denise the Crocodile, her son Billy, and no wonder our neighbors find us peculiar

My rez day gift this week from Jago was a crocodile from Vinnie Baxter's  Animania which has lots of cool animated animals.  I decided to name her  Denise. She is very cute, and lurks around our lilly pond at the Marina where we live snapping and swimming around looking for things to eat. She likes to show off her chompers, so we decided to put out a danger sign above.

You can see Morris the kangaroo in the background if you look to the left.

Denise spends much of her time underwater.

She seemed lonely, so we decided to get her a small male companion named Billy and convinced the two of them they were related by birth.  You can see the two of them lurking together in the middle of the page. Jago originally named Billy Denephew (to go along with Denise) but we decided that was to obvious.

The dogs like them, and like to swim and float along with them  Here you can see Godiva swimming in the pond watching them.

This brings our pet count up to 18:

6 VKC dogs
2 Kittens
1 Leopard from Zooby's
3 Kanagaroos
2 Koalas
1 Kookaura
1 Turkey Vulture
2 AKC Horses

Tonight. DJ World at Tainted Boys

Seen around the Scene - Taylor2 Spyker (as ET) and Eddi at Jungleboys

I rant into ET on Sunday morning exploring Jungleboys and there was ET! It turned out to be Taylor2 Spyker of all people getting back from a Junglboys Lunar night rumble on the moon.

I am wearing a Kobalt Jungleboys Speedo in blue. You can visit the Kobalt store on the Jungleboys sim for some very hot swim and athletic wear, as well as other hot items.

Seen around the Scene - TinaMarie Beck and Addy Babli

Seen around the scene at their Rez Day parties at Tadd's on Saturday night. Addy rezzed two hours before Tina in 2007.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Matthew Alberti

Seen around the scene at Tadd's on Thursday night.

The Oscars: What If Best Picture nominee posters told the truth?

Link to article for truthful posters from the other Best Picture nominees:

Seen around the Scene - Marcus Steeplechase

Seen around the scene at the Age of Iron last night.   The Age of Iroan (the old Ironworks) will be closing on February 10. 

Visiting Raver Xeno's Gallery

Jago and I visited our friend Raver Xeno's oh - so - cool Gallery the other night and I took this group photo.

SLURL to Raver's Gallery:

Australia Day at Tadd's - Photographs from the Tuesday night party

 Tadd's had an Aussie day party last Tuesday night.  I decided to wear an Australia Day white tank top and white pants and dress up like I was on the Australian Olympic Gymnastics team which seems like a hot fantasy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Poll Results -- Did You Ever Visit Blue Mars?

Here are the poll results asking our readers if they ever visited  the virtual world of Blue Mars. This poll was initiated after the announcement that Blue Mars would suspend development of their pc platform on January 14 and concentrate on mobile applications.

Yes, at least 5 times:  29%
Yes, at least once:    18%

No, but was planning to:  14%  (note: Blue mars is still open

No, computer could not handle graphics:  7%
No, wanted to, but use Mac (Blue Mars has not launched a Mac client):  3%

No, had and have no interest in Blue Mars:  3%

What is Blue Mars?  (respondant not familiar):  3%

Our current poll, asking how big our readers friends list is, closes on January 31, 2011. You can find it on the top right hand side of this web page.

Event: TinaMarie Beck 4th Rez Day Party Saturday Night at Tadd's

You Tube: Portrait of Lef Dover

I did this You Tube video of several portraits I took of Lev Dover who is truly a Second Life hunk last weekend.

Advance Notice: Sunday, January 30. DJ World at Tainted Boys

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011 - Fireworks at Darling Harbor, Sydney

Since there are no Australia Day fireworks in flood ravaged Brisbane this year I am posting this for all my Queensland friends to see. This was put on You Tube three hours ago.

Bock McMillan: How does YOUR country rate where it counts the most?

Bock McMillan wants to know where YOU think your country ranks in terms of size.

Let Bock now about the "size ranking list" he is showing today.

Check out Bock's blog and let him know where you stand on this important issue::

Eddi Answers a Question About The Military in Yahoo Answers

This question comes from Keith:

Pro's and cons about infantry in the marines...?

any past or present marines want to share their experiences? good or bad? i want to join infantry and eventually become a nco but i was just curious to the daily live and experiences people have had. thanks.


My answer:

I looked really hot in my uniform.

You Tube: My 4th Rez Day Party -- Held at Tadd's on January 22

Here is a You Tube phtomontage I made of my rez day party this past Saturday. It was an amazing event, and think you to all 136 of you who showed up throughout the evening.  And an extra special thanks to Tadd and Johny once again for holding this great event.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scene Around the Scene At Jungleboys

Seen around the scene on Monday night at Jungleboys. Androzz Residnt, Sab Askari (describing how long something is with his arms), and Ryce Skytower with his new  honey-brown hair from Uncle Web. 

Celebrating Australia Day -- and Anthony Callea the Gods of Australian Football

I produced this You Tube photomachinima for Australia Day, the national holiday,  which is January 26 - and is already underway in Eastern Australia.  I set the video to Advance Australia Far, the national anthem of Australia.  This photomontage shows some of the extremely handsome players of Australian Football and Rugby who gained international fame in the Gods of Football calendar.

Unlike padded football players in the United States, the Aussie players play rugged football with little skimpy tank tops and shorts that show their butt cleavages off.  It really is quite a site.

Link to Gods of Football promotional video (note you have to see this if you like hot men):

Singer Anthony Callea-- He does not pay football but he is also gorgeous

The singer is the amazing Anthony Callea, who has one of the greatest voices in the world, and is a proud member of Australia's LGBT Community.  I have to admit I am rather mesmerized by Anthony's eyes, which most of my Aussie friends on Second Life (there are many) find very amusing - Anthony came in second in Australia's version of Pop Idol in 2004.  You can catch him singing  The Prayer, the song that grabbed Second Place for him here:

Here is one rather comely God of Football. The player featured above is 19 year-old Kayne Lawton, who plays for the Gold Coast Titans.  You can find a charming you tube video of him being interviewed during the shoot here:  Kane apparantly stinks as an athlete, but if you look like this, you still get to be famous.

You can download individual photographs here:

My policy on stale blog links

I link to many LGBT friends blogs from here (see my blog list on the right hand side of my pages).  I take them down when they get "stale", when content is four months old.  I also will not link to web sites that do not update their content on a regular basis and are just "front pages".

If I have removed your blog because, like the bread slice above, it has become "stale" contact me with a note card inworld  and I will reinstate you. Please leave a note card, my IMs are now totally capped.

Thanks for reading, Eddi.

From Ziggy Starsmith: Age Of Iron/Ironworks Closing

Ironworks Second Anniversary Party in 2009

The gay scene is losing one of it's most famous destinations in Second Life. Check out Ziggy Starsmith's blog for his take:

Ziggy Starsmith: The Fast and The Furious: Age Of Iron/Ironworks Closing

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Second Life Friends Getting Phyisical in 2007

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