Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Second Anniversary of Eddi Haskell's Second Life is Today.

It's the Second Anniversary of this blog.  Two year ago, I published this post. Note that Jago and I  decided to get partnered the next day, so our engagement party actually turned out to be the celebration of our union.

In the past two years, this blog has posted about 2,100 posts and has had over 250,000 hits.

Hits are now coming in at over 1000 a day which to be honest with you confuses me a bit. Why do so many people read this?

Thanks for reading, Eddi 

Here is the first blog post from 2008:

Hi It's Eddi. It's Thanksgiving day in the United States. I'm back on SL after an 8 week hiatus. I'm still traveling around, and I should be back full force after the first of the year. But I managed to meet this amazing Aussie, Jago Constantine, and we are engaged! We have having an engagement party tomorrow night on November 28 at our home. Here is a nice pic of Jago for you to look at and yes, he is the most gorgeous male avatar in existence. I'll be writing again to you soon!

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