Sunday, November 28, 2010

YouTube: The Night Before Christmas, Or Yuletide, or such... - Another Amazing Video by Celestial Elf

Celestial Elf proves yet again he is Second Life's greatest machinima maker with this magical machinima going back to ancient Celtic traditions of the holiday and linking them to the classic Christmas poem A Visit From St. Nicholas otherwise known at "The Night Before Christmas".

I take this from his description of the machinima on You Tube.

"The Night Before Christmas, Or Yuletide, or such....

The Ancient season of Yule which includes The Midwinter Solstice (the shortest day of the Year, 21st December) is a Sacred time of reflection and celebration. Many different cultures from the Nordic Vikings and Celtic Druids, the ancient Egyptians and Hopi Indians have ritualized this time to promote Spiritual Unity, Peace and Joy.

The Magickal season of deepest darkness starts in the Celtic tradition at Samhain, slightly earlier in the Nordic tradition.During this supernatural time of Yuletide we may walk between the worlds.
Now that the veil between the worlds is thin, all sorts of Otherworldly beings including the dead roam the earth, we may even encounter elves or trolls and also Gods and Goddesses."

Celestial Elf blogs here:

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