Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Drag Party at Erotes, and my Lavender Poodle Skirt

There was a hot drag party at Chade Dagger's Erotes club this morning.  I decided to wear the lovely lavender poodle dress with my pearl earrings and matching boa. Someone said my choice of footwear (dirty sneakers) was very Vivienne Westwood but I do not know who she is.

I did not win -- Dex Moleno did, he is the one with the green hair and hot pink Marilyn Monroe dress below. I guess he is prettier!


  1. It´s a SCANDAL, call for a recount of the votes immediately and sue the Erotes Club if they don´t agree to one! We will drag Chade to the cleaners kicking and screaming or make him lose all the clothes on his hunky body.

    Even if I must say it has to be a close call between you and Dex, you were totally ROBED ... and to do so on the day of your wedding anniversary really, really stinks.

  2. I know. The next time I see Chade I will force him to go down on my poodle skirt as punishment.


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