Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advance Notice: Tainted Boys is Doing a Karaoke Party on December 12 and You Can Participate!

Note from Eddi:  I usually do not run long listings from LGBT clubs like this - my limit is about 100 words.  However, this one looked interesting -- since few people are given the chance to hear themselves sing in Second Life!  This is for a party on Friday December 12. 

This comes from DJ CitizenThe Auer.  Please contact him directly at his email below to participate or if you have any questions. 

You probably wonder how the karaoke-party works, so let me explain this to you. There will be a microphone there at TB and you have to go on stage that evening, yes. 

BUT, the song you are going to perform isn't live at that time. That's where you step in......... the song you will sing that night is recorded previously as an mp3 by you, and sent to the DJ. The DJ will play that song at the Karaoke-Night with you on stage. To others though, it looks like you sing it live.

So.....you have to prepare before the Karaoke-Night! If you still want to participate, follow the instructions below.

1. You need a microphone or headset at home to record your voice.
2. You need a song you like....pref. a karaoke song, but you can use the original song as well.
3. You need a recording program that can record your mp3 and voice in one.

I use Virtual DJ.....a totally free program that lets you do that. For experienced users: sorry, the programme wont let you broadcast because that option isnt available in the free version.

4. You need to know how the program works. 
In the middle of the program you see a button record. Then goto "record file" on the left and choose "config...". 
These are the settings:
- Set "record from" to MASTER & MIC
- Set format to mp3, 192 kbs.

5. If you completed the song, plz send it to citizentheauer@gmail.com and state your full SL-name and why you chose this song. 
Then Citizenthe Auer will contact you, by mail and by IM.

6. If you need help,  please contact:
    CitizenThe Auer in IM  or by mail: citizentheauer@gmail.com
    Kadie Pinkenba/Kess Crystal in IM

~~We look forward to hear from you!~~

Citizenthe Auer
Kadie Pinkenba
Adonis Lubitsch
Trace17 Junkers

SLURL to Tained Boys:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pacifica%20Island/61/80/21

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