Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Club Dancer of the Day - Unicomio Axel

 Photograph taken at Tadd's on Tuesday night.

Second Life Photo of the Day - Handsome Scotty Everett

Seen around the scene at Tadd's on Tuesday night.

Guest Photographer: Ryan Tuni Photographs Eddi Haskell

Ryan Tuni of Jungleboy's fame (he is one of the better-known tribal Slaves) is a great photographer.  He took these pictures of myself on Friday night -- since this is not a mature blog I have to keep the more "personal" ones private.  If you would like to see these , ask me inworld -- and depending on who you are I just might decide to show them to you.

Ryan did some other shoots on Friday of my alt, Ryce Skytower and his friend, Emanuelle Jameson. I will be showing these next.

Please contact Ryan directly inworld if you would like any portrait, fashion, or erotic photography done on a commission basis.  His prices are reasonable and he will be glad to assist you.

Lord Secretspy's Portfilio - Round 2

I just finished round 2 of the portfolio work I am doing for Lord SecretSpy.  I love how he looks in his formalwear.

Yes Albert, There is a Santa Claus!

Albert our German Shepherd has been naughty lately.  Besides floating in air, (you can see him on the far right). a habit he has picked up from watching Linda Blair on Exorcist reruns, he told some of our other pets that Santa Claus did not really exist.  Well guess who showed up tonight to make a flight around our outdoors Christmas tree but old St. Nick himself!   I was explaining to them that they had to be extra careful over the next few weeks if they want Santa to bring presents!

Some of our pets -- Simon the Doberman Puppy (to my left) and Morris and Skippy our Kangaroos.

Advance Notice: Tainted Boys is Doing a Karaoke Party on December 12 and You Can Participate!

Note from Eddi:  I usually do not run long listings from LGBT clubs like this - my limit is about 100 words.  However, this one looked interesting -- since few people are given the chance to hear themselves sing in Second Life!  This is for a party on Friday December 12. 

This comes from DJ CitizenThe Auer.  Please contact him directly at his email below to participate or if you have any questions. 

You probably wonder how the karaoke-party works, so let me explain this to you. There will be a microphone there at TB and you have to go on stage that evening, yes. 

BUT, the song you are going to perform isn't live at that time. That's where you step in......... the song you will sing that night is recorded previously as an mp3 by you, and sent to the DJ. The DJ will play that song at the Karaoke-Night with you on stage. To others though, it looks like you sing it live.

So.....you have to prepare before the Karaoke-Night! If you still want to participate, follow the instructions below.

1. You need a microphone or headset at home to record your voice.
2. You need a song you like....pref. a karaoke song, but you can use the original song as well.
3. You need a recording program that can record your mp3 and voice in one.

I use Virtual DJ.....a totally free program that lets you do that. For experienced users: sorry, the programme wont let you broadcast because that option isnt available in the free version.

4. You need to know how the program works. 
In the middle of the program you see a button record. Then goto "record file" on the left and choose "config...". 
These are the settings:
- Set "record from" to MASTER & MIC
- Set format to mp3, 192 kbs.

5. If you completed the song, plz send it to citizentheauer@gmail.com and state your full SL-name and why you chose this song. 
Then Citizenthe Auer will contact you, by mail and by IM.

6. If you need help,  please contact:
    CitizenThe Auer in IM  or by mail: citizentheauer@gmail.com
    Kadie Pinkenba/Kess Crystal in IM

~~We look forward to hear from you!~~

Citizenthe Auer
Kadie Pinkenba
Adonis Lubitsch
Trace17 Junkers

SLURL to Tained Boys:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pacifica%20Island/61/80/21

Monday, November 29, 2010

Why are Hot Swedish Men So Obesessed with Nudity?

Freddie Ljungberg

No one knows for sure but head over to Bock's Blog to find out more about his top award for nudity in Second Life!

Bock in SecondLife: First Special Award

BTW you can click on Freddie's name to see more pictures of him.  He is a great soccer player for those Americans and Canadians who have never heard of him. 

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Roger in frozen Iam Town

Iam Town is a frozen, apocalyptic version of Blue Mars Beach City, which is highly reminicent of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii   It serves as a bot testing ground, apparently. .  I did a video of this place without any avatars present over on You Tube, but I like how my avatar Roger looks in the frozen martian light.

Ziggys Second Life: The Furious and The Fabulous...: Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life Part Two

Photo from Ziggy Starsmith's blog
Ziggy continues his round-up of hot hairy chested men in Second Life who are not twinks.  Head over to have a look at his hot photography.

Ziggys Second Life: The Furious and The Fabulous...: Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life Part Two

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Actor and Supermodel Dustin Moss

Dustin is originally from Montana and is now living in Los Angeles. He plays the role of Gus on the hit television show Ugly Betty and is a supermodel in his spare time (sounds like fun doesn't it?)

Here is a link to the full set of photos of Dustin Moss:


Just Beautiful SL Men to be Taken Down and Retired on Januay 1, 2011

Avatars Photographed from January - June 2010

Just Beautiful SL Men will be taken down and retired on January 1, 2011 or soon after.

I stopped posting new content in this blog in August 2010. Instead, I post my male photography here - which you can see if you look over at labels and follow the "just beautiful SL men" link.

The content in this blog is at least six months old, and many residents have changed their looks since then.

Please download whatever content you want to save from by the end of the year.

Please note:  the poster above was first run here in August and is of photography taken from January - June 2010. 

Thanks, Eddi

Sunday, November 28, 2010

YouTube: The Night Before Christmas, Or Yuletide, or such... - Another Amazing Video by Celestial Elf

Celestial Elf proves yet again he is Second Life's greatest machinima maker with this magical machinima going back to ancient Celtic traditions of the holiday and linking them to the classic Christmas poem A Visit From St. Nicholas otherwise known at "The Night Before Christmas".

I take this from his description of the machinima on You Tube.

"The Night Before Christmas, Or Yuletide, or such....

The Ancient season of Yule which includes The Midwinter Solstice (the shortest day of the Year, 21st December) is a Sacred time of reflection and celebration. Many different cultures from the Nordic Vikings and Celtic Druids, the ancient Egyptians and Hopi Indians have ritualized this time to promote Spiritual Unity, Peace and Joy.

The Magickal season of deepest darkness starts in the Celtic tradition at Samhain, slightly earlier in the Nordic tradition.During this supernatural time of Yuletide we may walk between the worlds.
Now that the veil between the worlds is thin, all sorts of Otherworldly beings including the dead roam the earth, we may even encounter elves or trolls and also Gods and Goddesses."

Celestial Elf blogs here: http://celestialelf.blogspot.com/

Our Second Anniversary Party Was Wonderful

Although Jago and I celebrate our second anniversary at partners today, we had our party yesterday.

Over 60 people came to our event over a two hour period, and we would like to thank eveyrone who came. In addition, DJ Sora Bluebird, one of our closest friends and part of our Second Life family, did an amazing job as our DJ, and we would especially like to thank him for giving us all his time to make the event possible.

It was a wonderful party, and to you that showed up, thank you so much for coming!

Second Life Photo of the Day: Christ the Redeemer

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, a season observed in many Christian churches, and a  time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.  And I think it is a perfect day to show these new photographs.

This week, I found this gorgeous statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the national symbols of Brazil, and one of the most beautiful sites in Rio de Janeiro (see below for a real life picture) built only two sims away from our house. The statue is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and the only one built in modern times.

The statue is built to scale and is gigantic. I am standing on the shoulder of this statue to give you an idea of how big it is. The statue is built to scale, and is about 40 meters tall in real life including the base (my avatar is two meters tall). If you want to visit it, this SLURL will take you to a pier right near the statue -- fly up to visit .

Please have a wonderful holiday season!

The Real Thing in Rio De Janeiro

Hot Couple of the Day: alexcub12 Hax and Pfenix Bearsfoot

Seen together at Aussieboys on Sunday morning.

Second Pride Fundraising Event Today at 12:00 Noon

 At the Club Dark Rose

Jago and I Were Partnered Two Years Ago Today

November 28, 2008

Jago and I were partnered two years ago today; we committed ourselves to each other then, made it official with Second Life,  and have been together since.  It was a bit of a surprise-- we were planning to have an engagement party at our place, and instead, it turned into the actual event (I remember us both thinking that we really did not have to waste any more time). The party was wild onboard our yacht, and I remember DJ Yummy Andrew being a bit surprised at the antics going on with our guests and wishing he could join in.

November 28, 2008

In case you were not there, Cuno Fluno made a great video of the event.

It's been an amazing two years with Jago -- he is always the center of my Second Life, and I love him very much!

November 28, 2008

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still In Drag at the Tainted Boys Angels and Devils Party

Since I still had my lavender poodle dress on from the Erotes Drag Party, I did not feel like changing and went to the Tainted Boys Angels and Devils party in the same outfit.   Here I am dancing with Zim Gunsburg.  Don't we make a lovely dance team?

At the end, Jago came to pick me up to get ready for our 4:00 PM anniversary party.   So I changed back to normal clothing. I have to admit that it is fun dressing up as "Patsy", and look forward to dressing as her at more parties!

The Second Anniversary of Eddi Haskell's Second Life is Today.

It's the Second Anniversary of this blog.  Two year ago, I published this post. Note that Jago and I  decided to get partnered the next day, so our engagement party actually turned out to be the celebration of our union.

In the past two years, this blog has posted about 2,100 posts and has had over 250,000 hits.

Hits are now coming in at over 1000 a day which to be honest with you confuses me a bit. Why do so many people read this?

Thanks for reading, Eddi 

Here is the first blog post from 2008:

Hi It's Eddi. It's Thanksgiving day in the United States. I'm back on SL after an 8 week hiatus. I'm still traveling around, and I should be back full force after the first of the year. But I managed to meet this amazing Aussie, Jago Constantine, and we are engaged! We have having an engagement party tomorrow night on November 28 at our home. Here is a nice pic of Jago for you to look at and yes, he is the most gorgeous male avatar in existence. I'll be writing again to you soon!

The Drag Party at Erotes, and my Lavender Poodle Skirt

There was a hot drag party at Chade Dagger's Erotes club this morning.  I decided to wear the lovely lavender poodle dress with my pearl earrings and matching boa. Someone said my choice of footwear (dirty sneakers) was very Vivienne Westwood but I do not know who she is.

I did not win -- Dex Moleno did, he is the one with the green hair and hot pink Marilyn Monroe dress below. I guess he is prettier!