Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on Uzme Evermore

Uzme Evermore, the  Jungleboys slave who very well liked by just about everyone he meets, is recovering from a very serious accident over the weekend. He sent this update to his boyfriend, Rob Fairymore today:

"I had more testing today involving needles pads and shocking me. I have begun to have burning pains that are intense down my leg . They are extremely painful. I am told it is a good sign. I was give a differenent pill that makes me spacey but helps the pain."

Rob says that Uzme thanks everyone for thinking about him.

Rob says that if anyone would like to send him a short message, please put it in a notecard, and send it directly to Rob Fairymore. Rob is assembling something for Uzme from all his Second Life friends.

Let all of us who know Uzme concentrate our thoughts on his successful recovery and wish him the best for a successful recovery.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about that. I have met UZME a few times at jungleboys he's always so nice and sweet.
    I wish him a speedy recovery.
    -Sean aka Brecher-


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