Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll Results: 74% of you think the user experience has declined in past 60 days.

Although this poll was certainly not statistically accurate, with only 31 respondents, my guess is that the numbers would be similar even if 500 people answered.

Here is the question that was asked: "Over the past 60 days, has your user experience in Second Life changed due to lag, log-in problems, and other technical issues?"

The results:

Improved 3%

About the same 16%

Declined somewhat 58%

Declined to a great degree 16%


  1. Sorry to say so, but I really do not understand what people are complaining about and have always been complaining about.

    I think my user experience is getting better, and thats even after the set back from moving from the Emerald viewer to the Snowglobe.

    Everywhere I go people are complining about lag, I don´t feel a thing and my computer isn´t that good either. Just a regular HP-gaming computer.

    Still I do agree, if you had asked 500 people the same question you would have gotten the same results.

    Which makes me wonder, are we - the users of SL - a complaining lot?

  2. Bock, I actually voted that my experience has declined. It takes me forever to rez when I log on and I have a fairly good laptop running a 512 graphics card. I never had problems before a month or two ago. One of the reasons I ran the poll was to see if others have noticed the same.


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