Friday, October 29, 2010

Keeping Up Apperances Premiered 20 Years Ago Today

Keeping Up Appearances, one of the best traveled Best Sitcoms, premiered 20 years ago today. The show stars Patricia Routledge as eccentric, social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet by Hyacinth, but pronounced bucket by everyone else).

I personally love the show and have been told by many of my English friends that they have known many neighbors growing up who are exactly like Hyacinth.


  1. OMG I love this show and have seen every single episode 3 times over! My fav episode is where the Major tries to seduce Hyacinth in his sports car which sends her running through a farmers field filled with sheep lol.
    Being British myself she does represent many Brits who do act like her including my late Grandmother...
    I heard the Hyacinths real life husband is really the actor who plays Onslo but not certain of this!

  2. I love Hyacinth and her dysfunctional family! I remember when the show came out also. I was watching "To Sir With Love" the other day and was surprised to see our Hyacinth as one of the teachers. I never realised that before!


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