Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Second Life Growing?

Usership of Second Life expressed in terms of concurrency (how many users online at once) has been frozen for about two years. This is terrible performance, and indicative of Second Life trending after a flat online game with no growth, and not like a fast-growing social networking site.

However, some growth may be occurring now.  The northern winter months are setting in, and people have more time to spend at home. I have noticed that 60,000 concurrent users seem to be on in an average evening, peak time being around. 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM SL time.

Mitigated against this is there fact that there are more bots online then there were two years ago.

I remember seeing over 90,000 people online once on a Sunday two years ago, thinking that 100,000 concurrent users would represent a milestone for Second Life.  I am not sure if 100,000 has ever been broken, but if that number can be crossed on a regular basis on busy weekends, that would mean a Second Life for Second Life may be in the works. Buyer interest would certainly increase if this were the case.

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