Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blue Mars - Zombie Wasteland

Just in time for Halloween, Blue Mars has come out with a new city called Zombie Wasteland. Lots of creepy looking zombies who are walking right at you in this apocalyptic themed Asian wasteland. The yellow light is mine, I brought out these hues to give the place a sickly looking glow.

You Tube: Second Life Tribte To Michael Jackson THRILLER 2011

Second Life's greatest impersonation artist EvaDiva Small celebrates the greatest pop performer of all time with this salute to Thriller, perfect for a Halloween posting. Starring Rockford Ewing.

Link to YouTube Channel:

Web Site:

Here is what EvaDiva writes:

" Ty You All , Spread this video like its the last piece of bread on earth lol. Appreciate you all this is the biggest video of all time I had to do it up and do Michael some real Justice, may he rest in peace, and may you all enjoy this as much as we did making it Thanks to my Crew Elliott Bizzy Amir and Evalucia yall made this priceless... The Rock"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Eve! Who says you can keep a great uncle down forever?

I forgot which Sim I took this photo on but I do like the creepy effect.

Second Life Photo of the Day: Abbotts Aerodrome

I took these images using the Horror- Profondo Rosso advanced sky setting in the Phoenix viewer.
Location of Photograhy:

Interesting Photofunia Transformation Effects of My Friend Brian

I am staying at my friend Brian's house in San Francisco for the weekend -- he really is quite handsome in real life. But doesn't he look hot as a chick?  Here is his profile photo. The transitions are done courtesy of Photofunia. He asked me to use his real name btw, and thinks this is funny. Try this with your friends - use their real life names and post interesting pictures on the web of them like this.  Its a good way to say "thank you for being my friend!".

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Port Town at Night

I love the very atmospheric Port Town region of Blue Mars.  Here are photographs taken at the deepest Blue Mars night.  I love the way the night light and shadows interact.  You can picture a gangland execution happening somewhere in the corner.

Advance Notification: Tainted Boys Halloween Party This Saturday at 10:00 am

This comes from Adonis Lubitsch at Tainted Boys:

This Saturday the 30th October, Tainted Boys is going to have a Gay Archipelago Halloween Party at their special Halloween set. Adonis prepared a cemetery styled scene with a lot of scary elements.
DJ Arcangelo will be there for the music and he will play a mix of trance and progressive tunes. As for the sexyness beside the scaryness the Tainted Boys dancer Malte and Leniad will give us a nice show.
The party starts at 10am PDT and includes also a Halloween costume contest, at which you can win 2.000 L$.
Beside the contest you will also have the chance to win one of two 1.000 L$ gift certificates for 'Agapes men's shapes', sponsored by Zim Gunsberg.

Use the SLURL to teleport right to the set:

Keeping Up Apperances Premiered 20 Years Ago Today

Keeping Up Appearances, one of the best traveled Best Sitcoms, premiered 20 years ago today. The show stars Patricia Routledge as eccentric, social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet by Hyacinth, but pronounced bucket by everyone else).

I personally love the show and have been told by many of my English friends that they have known many neighbors growing up who are exactly like Hyacinth.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You Tube: Celestial Elf Scores Again with The Time Traveller

Celestial Elf scores yet again with one of the best machinimas ever to grace You Tube on Second Life. It is an adaptation of the classic HG Wells time travel novel, "The Time Machine". set in 1902.  This novel has been done many times in cinema, and now it is Second Life's turn.

Celestial Elf writes the following:

"The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. The book is based on the Block Theory of the Universe, which is a notion that time is a fourth space dimension.
In this version, the Time Traveler is an English scientist and gentleman inventor Professor Dudley who explains his remarkable device to his doubtful friend Philby at his laboratory.
Space and Time then have been proven relatively Virtual, so the Professor goes on to make further expeditions which he later sends in manuscript form to the famous H.G.Wells for publication".

One of the things I like the best is the use of animated clocks depicting a journey through time. They look better in motion.

For more details about how the video was made, and the cast of characters, link here:

Seen Around the Scene - Brice Udimo

Seen around the scene dancing at Tainted Boys

Unbelievable -- Assistant State Attorney General Harasses Gay University of Michigan Student Body President

I have been asked by a reader to post this rather unbelievable video.

My alma mater, the University of Michigan, elected its first gay Student Council President this year-- the very handsome Chris Armstrong. Since Michigan is one of the most progressive universities in the United States, and is in the gay mecca of Ann Arbor, this is no big deal.

What is a big deal is that the Assistant Attorney General of the State of Michigan, Andrew Shirvell,
has declared war on Chris because he is gay, has put up a very negative blog about Chris, and has been harassing him on the college campus.  He has since received a restraining order, but has not been fired from his job. What is so strange is that Mr. Shirvell, who seems to me to be an obvious closet case, has never met and does not know Chris Armstrong. He is obsessed with him, and other bloggers have commented that he very well may be in love with Chris.

One of the charming photographs Mr. Shirvell put up on his now-defunct blog of Chris. 
This is scary -- harassment is resulting in teen suicides. However, Chris seems stable enough to not be affected by his new found "fame", and seems to be handling the six months of constant harassment well.

Take a look at this interview from earlier this month on Andrerson Cooper's show.  Unbelievable that Mr. Shirvell still has his job, and that a nutcase like this can actually be a state prosecutor.

Club Thunder and Thunder Island are Now Closed - but the Memories will Continue

Vanyel Gazov's Club Thunder, which before it closed in late 2009 was a major clubbing destination on the scene -- and a place which many of us counted as one of our favorites, is now closed for good.  There was a reopening of the club this year for a time, but Vanyel will be selling the two sims that the club --- and the gorgeous landscaped Thunder Island underneath it.

Vanyel always was generous with his guests, DJ's, and staff, and shopowners in the Club Thunder Mall.  He was a great friend to many people on Second Life.  Jago and I want to wish him all the best for the future, and thank him for the great memories that Club Thunder holds for both of us.

Happy 4th Rez Day DJ InsyX!

DJ InsyX Piranha is 4 Today!  InsyX is not only a great DJ, but a great person too, and someone who has made my own first and second life better just by knowing him.  InsyX has also helped many aspiring DJ's, not only by allowing them to play at his own club, Aqua, and by heading up activities at Second Pride, but by providing an example on how to make it in what can be a rough competitive environment at times. But as far as I am concerned, he is simply a great friend and someone who I makes my Second Life a better one.  And I know many others feel the same way.

Please leave InsyX birthday well wishes on the comment section in his blog:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Review: Creepy Goth "Snowglobe" From Ravyn's Nest

Ever wonder what it is like to live inside one of those "Snowglobes" that you shake  to have snow "fall" on some scene?  Here is one for the stylish goth, vampire, or werewolf for Halloween. Instead of snow, blood rain falls.  It is dark and stormy inside, and very creepy -- especially when the zombie waiter serves you and your special someone champagne.

The "Snowglobe" comes with sngle and couple animations and costs 725 linden on SL Exchange Here is a link if you would like to find out more about it:

My Fun Balloon Ride With Kermit Halasey

Kermit Halasey invited to take this fun balloon ride at Paradise Beach this morning.  I am not sure if the balloon was the beach's or Kermit's but it was major fun-- taking you to very high heights.  I will get back to you on the balloon ownership issue!

Eddi Haskell Photography Exhibition at Bookstacks

Bookstacks is holding an exhibition of my landscape photography.  My gallery is closed right now as I make way for a move to bigger and better quarters. In the meantime, to see my photography.  here is the SLURL:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue Mars Halloween Hunt

There is a Halloween Hunt in the Wildwood region of Blue Mars.  You can win 500 Blue Mars dollars by finding ghosts such as the one above along the nature trail. or pumpkins in the maze below.
There is also a strange cabin along the trail that is worth a visit inside.

Poll Results: 74% of you think the user experience has declined in past 60 days.

Although this poll was certainly not statistically accurate, with only 31 respondents, my guess is that the numbers would be similar even if 500 people answered.

Here is the question that was asked: "Over the past 60 days, has your user experience in Second Life changed due to lag, log-in problems, and other technical issues?"

The results:

Improved 3%

About the same 16%

Declined somewhat 58%

Declined to a great degree 16%

Why would Microsoft want to buy Second Life? Is their truth behind the rumors?

As I reported here yesterday, rumors persist that Microsoft is still interested in buying Linden Labs / Second Life, and that serious negotiations are continuing. Fueling this rumor is the unexplained and sudden departure of Phil Rosedale from Linden Labs, which I have to admit, is rather suspicous.

Another site, Go Rumors, published this on October 21:

"Early this month, there was a running speculation that Microsoft may have acquired Linden Lab, the company that is behind the popular virtual reality game, Second Life. Word was that Redmond may have either actually acquired the whole company or is at least in the final stages of talks before acquisition. The rumor mills also indicated a possible inclusion of the popular game on Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming network"

Why would giant Microsoft, a company that usually does not pay attention to fringe web applications (and boy, are we Second Lifers considered a fringe in Redmond, Washington) be interested in purchasing Second Life?  Here are some reasons that I can think of.

1. Price:  Second Life is privately held.  The major stockholders (stockholder is not a correct word for a closely held company but you get the idea) want to cash out now, and are willing at a less expensive price than they did before.   Almost everything of some value can be sold at some price.

2. Amassing a social networking portfolio:  Microsoft realized that yet again, they have lost out on a web phenomenon.  They lost the the search space to Google and have yet to play catch-up, and lost the social networking space (they were never really in it) to Facebook, and have yet to play catch-up if they ever can.  Second Life has the added allure of three-dimensionality. They may simply be buying up as many social networking sites as the can in the hopes that one can be built into the "next big thing".

3. Technology:  As much as many of us complain about the poor performance of Second Life lately, there is still some might advance technology that Linden Labs can lay claim too, most notably in hosting massive amounts of content and scripted applications at one time, and in avatar portability (the future) between different environments.

4. The People:  Microsoft might want to lay their hands on the people at Linden Labs, since hiring and building a similar workforce would take a long time, and be far more expensive than paying who they want to stay.

5. The Users: The 200,000 - 300,000 heavy users of Second Life represent a potential audience to sell Microsoft products and services too.  We also are influentials in the social networking and gaming space, and could recommend an expanded and improved Second Life to others.

6. The Future:  Virtual worlds and related technology have yet to take off to become the billions of real dollars / euros (name your currency) that was projected from this space during the peak of inflated expectations for Second Life back in 2006 / 2007.  However, Microsoft may still have visionaries who can see the future and want to get in on it now.

Do I think that Microsoft is purchasing Second Life?  Well the X-box tie-in is interesting. I will tell you this. Serious industry analysts are not laughing as much at this suggestion as they were a few weeks ago.

Nice Flat Land for Sale: 2048 Square Meters $4200 Linden

I am selling the land that my gallery was on.   I am in the process of moving my gallery and combining it with Jago's store, living color. There will be a big opening event sometime in November.

Until then, the land that my gallery is on is on Second Life Mainland, mature, and only $4200 Linden.  You can check it out here:


The land itself is not that attractive, but it is in an area surrounded by stores, and makes a great location for a skybox.  There is no lag-- and it is a perfect rectange.

Nemo Steampunk Sky City: Make Sure to See It Before November 1

The incredible Nemo builds will be coming down on November 1, including the Steampunk Sky City.  Make sure to get there and see it before Sunday of this week when it closes down. (Note:  it might be open for a few days after that but I am going by published reports).