Tuesday, September 7, 2010

See Osy Alcott's Dream Come True!

 If only my granny could make goulash as well as Osy's!

 Ever since  Osy Alcott was a little boy eating his grandmother's goulash in Budapest, he has had one dream -- to be on stage in  dressed up as the one and only ------ Barbara Streisand!  He also had the hots for Omar Shariff but that is another story.

Osy wants to be in her shoes!

The wonderful thing about Second Life is that it can let dreams such as Osy's come true, proving that life does can a drag if you know how to accessorize properly.  I think that Osy's oh-so-chic hairband, more at home in Las Vegas than in Barbra's native Flatbush, is something she would approve of.

So here it is, our own Osy Alcott doing a mah-ve-lous rendition of Barbara Streisand singing People from Funny Girl at the Wigstock festival this past August.

machinima by Larkworthy Antfarm.

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