Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh No! I've been uncovered by the -- Crap Blog Detective!

Oh no! The Crap Blog Detective has uncovered this blog!

He left this comment:

Nobody in RL, hotshot in SL?

His blog is so funny!  What he does is insult bloggers and then publishes their comments in reply.

Make sure to check his blog out.  I am laughing my ass off:

Here is his introduction

I pity you, you pointless bloggers. Your blogs are a confused vomiting of thoughts that are so worthless, so extremely boring and so nauseatingly monotonous that it should be made law that if you have nothing interesting to blog about, then do not blog at all. Please close down your 486, leave the basement, and find something interesting to share, rather than typing about the most meaningless and trivial things.

Wait until he checks Ryce's blog out  - he's really in for a treat!  Albert my avatar dog does not handle critisicm well after being expelled as an official Sarah Palin blogger and being debadged, so I won;t tell him about that one!


  1. Oh I could have a lot of fun with this dude, an awful lot of fun!!!!
    Love his honesty!

  2. Heh, I'm thinkin' a tag team match? *grins* I have got to check him out! Thanks, Eddi!

  3. Sounds like the intro to that blog should be his/her personal bio lol. I did not know trolls had thier own blogs...I thought they just act like asses on other's lol.


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