Sunday, September 26, 2010

Newsflash: The Age of Cyberwarfare Has Begun - Stuxnet Worm Invades Iran

Starting on September 21. and increasing in reports through this evening, an amazing news story is gaining traction in the blogsphere.  

Here is the summary.  It seems that a intelligence service, suspected to be either the USA, Israel, Russia, or China,  is starting to seize control of the Iranian nuclear weapons program through the usage of the most advanced "computer worm" ever made. The worm just impacts industrial processes controlled by Siemens systems using Windows, and is primarily targeting Iranian facilities.

Until now, cyberwarfare has been  all about spying,  and not taking over control of facilities that manufacture weapons. Also, until now, advanced viruses have been introduced by hackers, not security services. If this is true, the era of true cyberwarfare has begun.

Interesting reads if you want more information:

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