Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Lip Synched Adult Film in Second Life From Emanuelle Jameson

My good friend and Second Life's uber-adult film star, Jennnnna Jameson (who is Emanuelle Jameson in Second Life) has just released an amazing adult film called La cagna ricca. It contains voice and lip synching, and really is well done.  It has gained over 1000 hits in the first day of its release.

The machinima is about  a little rich Italian girl who calls Enzo the handsome auto mechanic when her Ferrari wouldn’t start.  Little did she know Enzo would make her “pay for his services” over and over again.

Note:  The video contains adult content. I will not run it here because this is a not a mature blog.

To see this video, link here: Content Warning:  People under 18 and Sarah Palin supporters should not see this movie.  


Speak for yourself Eddi!  

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