Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First California Boy on Blue Mars

I wanted to show the very realistic look and movement of a Blue Mars avatar -- do I did this quick machinima of Roger walking in and out of the water. The look of the Tharsis Estates beach reminded me of Orange County California, so I set the video to a classic 60's tune, California Sun by Anette Funicello LOL. Don't  you just love the surfboard?

Note they typos and mistakes.  My video editing program crashed on me and I lost my edited clips in the middle of production, and I did not feel like redoing it. This could be more polished but I only had one hour to do this this morning. 


  1. It looks sooooo promising and I love the name Blue Mars but even in the video is appears choppy and laggy!
    I signed on there a year or so ago as Rhett Whybrow but I could barely move so I gave up!
    Would be nice if SL had those good graphics minus the lag!

  2. It is not laggy at all. The video is choppy because it was done quickly, and I did not have time to spend on the breaks. I also am restricted by how many frames a second I can shoot.

    You do need a 512k graphics card at a minimum. A 256k card will hardly work, and a 512k is a minimum. It works just fine with my HP Pavilion 7 desktop running an ATI 4630. You can buy a laptop like this at Costco for about $900.00. But this is merely a new high-end mid range card. Blue Mars requires a higher end system than SL to be effective.

  3. I made a blue mars account back in the day but I just crashed all the time and gave up after one day hehe.

    I find it a little bit eerie how they stare into the camera like that, the avatars. Do they always do that? I am more used to having a rear view of my avi I guess, so he is looking in the same direction as I am in RL unless I lock and swivel my camera to look from the front. I'm thinkin that contributes to the immersive feel of being in SL. Not sure how immersive BM is since I was only there for maybe like an hour minus crashing time XD


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