Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion: The Kobalt Ipod Speedo

Doesn't the look in my eyes here say "well hello sailor!"

The Kobalt Ipod Speedo, which I am modeling, comes with a very realistic looking IPOD in the back right pocket and has  nice bulge up front in a fancy tied pouch. It comes in a wide range of colors and costs 300 Linden. This amount may seem high at first, but it is clear that much work went into designing these. They look far more realistic that other products what look like swimwear simply spray-painted on a body form.

Check out the Ipod Speedo, and four floors of other Kobalt products at their main store at Jungle Boys:

 Is that a mango in your crotch pouch or are you happy to see me?


  1. WOW they really do look great, especially the "mango-thingy". *adds it to my inworld shopping list*

    I always hated the flat fronts in underwear and swimsuits and am so happy the creators came up with this brilliant solution!


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