Friday, September 24, 2010

Editorial from Eddi About Postings in This Blog

I have been waiting to get something off my chest for a while. It is about negative comments that occasionally come into this blog about named individuals in Second Life, including myself.  These comments never run -- I intercept them before they are published.

I want to restate the number 1 rule about this blog--  this blog does not attack others or run comments that do so.  Period.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Someone who I have known for a very long time  insisted that I run a warning about a certain individual in Second Life here. I adamantly refused. When asked if this is because something did not happen to me, I replied that I will not run anything negative about anyone by name even if it did involve me!  The last thing my readers need to read are complaints about others.

I have seen the poisonous effect that blog attacks have on the Second Life environment when they mention individuals in a certain way, and I refuse to do that.

Another poster expressed his infuriation that I had photographed someone who he considers evil, and insulted me in a comment. I do not claim to know everyone who I photograph here, and I am not getting involved in personal drama like that.  There is no possible way I can know everything about the 400-plus people I have photographed this year, and even if I did, I would not get involved in the matter.

Someone else joked about someone acting as if they have Alzheimers.   I did not run this comment.  Any reference to such things, even if said humorously, can be very hurtful to people, especially if they have relatives who suffer from the condition.  Unless a comment is kept nice, I will not run it. Period.

Now, another thing about this blog.  This blog uses humor heavily, and in fact, can be quite sarcastic. But it is never used to attack anyone in particular.  And I have another surprise for people who take everything they see literally. The questions asked in "Ask Eddi" frequently come from people who know me who try to get a rise out me, or are even written by me in response of a question asked inworld!

One person in particular (I am not making this up) even took offense to the recent "woman with a past" question because she thought I was insulting the asker and woman in general.  The asker was laughing her head off when she saw my response!  If you read this blog as serious commentary, please do not --- this is a place for me to have fun.

So please keep this in mind if you see a photograph of someone you do not like or take offense to anything I am saying in general.

All the best, Eddi


  1. More power to you Eddi! This blog is your house and you have every right to keep people who you see as not being able to be civilized out. Unfortunately there are many people who are mean for a variety of reasons, and while we may feel sorry for them as humans, we sometimes need to cut them out.

  2. Thanks Rammy, But I did not run comments from two people I know, and I still like them and are civilized. One was too critical of someone, and one could have hurt someone if they read it. It is not that black and white --- I may have been over sensitive, and in fact, sent an apology note to them why I would not run it.

    I simply want this blog to be a fun place for me and for others to go to. But I won't criticize anyone who uses their blog for a more serious purpose.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Yes Eddie...This is your baby, and you write about whatever you want here. Haters will be haters, and there will all ways be people like that around us. All we can do is avoid them, and ignore their BS. At the end of the day you gotta do you and enjoy yourself here because if you have fun doing this blog, is all that matters. I love to read your posts, so dont keep on doing what you do here.

  4. Thats the nice altitude Eddi.
    Posting this and clearing things out takes then then right of acussing you of doing any of these things.

  5. Eddi,

    There are a number of reasons I read your blog, but the no-attack, this-is-all-about-fun attitude is one of the things I like best. Thanks for making this blog such an enjoyable read!



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