Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eddi Gives Advice in Yahoo Answers-- What should someone do about univited teleports?

 Nelson and I on Canada Day, his favorite holiday!

This question comes from Tyler in Yahoo Answers in the etiquette section:

Best thing to do to someone while there tping your house? People might tp my house tonight and me and my 2 friends will be on my roof what would be the funniest thing to do to them

My answer:

I am an avatar in Second Life, and I assume that TP means teleporting. If people teleport to my house invited, especially to use all my sex furniture without asking first, I love to ban them and watch them disappear from my radar map and them Instant Message them telling them to ask the next time. It is loads of fun, especially when you are on your roof and they do not know you are up there observing them going at it with someone they just met!

Does tping mean something else in the real world?

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