Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eddi Gives Advice in Yahoo Answers: Is Her Husband a Queen?

He might be hot but he sounds like a q________.

This question is from BossMac 7 over at the Etiquette Section of Yahoo Answers:

My friend refers to himself in the 3rd person is he crazy?

He's one of those work out buffs, the ones that stare at themselves nude in the mirror every 30 minutes, but I let that slide...the thing that worries me is that he talks in the 3rd person. It's so annoying, We can't even have a simple conversation without him saying, "Mike is looking ripped today, Mike deserves a gatorade." Or " Mike notices that everyone is studying his abs..I"m like WTF!!! DUDE LMFAO

You try smiling wearing this tiara all day.

My answer:

I do not know if he is crazy, but he certainly sounds like he is very narcissistic. He might have a borderline personality disorder if he cannot focus on any other individual as a source of beauty other than himself.

If you posted this in the royalty section, and if the person referred to themselves in the third person as "We", your friend very well could be Queen Elizabeth 2 of the United Kingdom. What you can do to discourage this behavior is to tell him the that queens refer to themselves in the third person, and that his is beginning to sound like a major one himself. That should do the trick.

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  1. "We" is 1st Person plural, not 3rd person. It's used by the Queen when referring to herself as leader of the nation, rather than as an individual.
    Other heads of state also use this mode of address for this purpose.


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