Friday, September 17, 2010

Eddi Give A Stock Tip in Yahoo Answers

This question came from a teenager named "The Great" in Yahoo! Answers. He actually did place it in the Etiquette Section.

Question:  How wrong is it to love it when someone farts on you?

Once in 9th grade a few years ago we were coming back from a bathroom break and the freak sitting next to me threw someones stuff on the floor and I told him to pick him and then I wouldn't shut up and he turned around and put his but on my, kinda on the upper part of my left leg and farted. It was awesome and I loved it!

Also once in Choir the dude sitting to the left of me randomly put his butt on my left leg and let out a cool little fart then he was like "I just farted on you"

Also once in 10th grade some of my friends were trying to piss me off in the hall so I chased after one of my fat friends and was stepping on the back of his shoes and he bent over and farted right on me. GOD THAT WAS AWESOME. Is it wrong to love this?

My answer:

It is not wrong to love this if your family owns 5,000 shares of Taco Bell.

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